Retail Storage / Supermarket Racks


In commercial storages we have wide range of racking model for supermarkets. The supermarket Gandolas are mde out of Immaculate quality of CR sheets and HR vertical frames. The products are made of design to widhstand all the impacts of supermarket usages considering the loading factor. The products of supermarket racking are Wall channel racks ( Wall fixed), Wall Gandolas (L Type Racks), Centre Gandolas (A Type Racks), End Units ( G Type Racks), Vegitables and Fruits Racks, Shoping baskets , trollys , counters etc. All models are provided with accessories such as front stoppers, top covers, bottom covers, perforated back sheets for hanging hooks etc…Also the sizes are customised based on the layout design and operations. The overall attemempt is to provide a pleasant shopping experience and display.